Introduction of NaUnderwear popular product TOP3

Thank you for always using NaUnderwear.
We released 17 types of new products this fall, and the product lineup of NaUnderwear men's boxer shorts has increased to 23 types!

"One that is unique to you"

The fun of choosing is one of the attractions of NaUnderwear, but we would like to introduce popular NaUnderwear products that are easy to pick up for customers who do not choose because there are many types.

Art boxer shorts "Happy Pineapple"

Although it is a new work, it is one that has become very popular after its release.
The face of NaUnderwear, which is also used on the top page of the site, has a pop design that combines French bulldogs and pineapples, and it is definitely a piece that you can only find here! ?

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Art Boxer Shorts "Tin"

The second popular product is “Suzu” with a large tiger drawn on it.
When you think of tigers, the image of a tiger pattern is strong, and you may have the impression that it is flashy and difficult to wear,
This is finished in tin color (a bright gray color close to silver) to create a calm atmosphere.
It is also the sexagenary cycle of the next year and is one of the most popular.

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Art boxer shorts "RAINDEER"

The third piece is a RAINDEER with a reindeer drawn on it.
It has become a popular piece because it is perfect for Christmas.
Of course, you can wear it all year round, not just for Christmas.
In this new work, the "Tsuno Series" depicting animals with horns is on sale.
Reindeer , Kudu , and Ibex are available in 3 different designs.
All of these animals are rarely seen in Japan, but their rarity is perfect for those who are looking for a unique piece! Please try.

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We have introduced the popular products of NaUnderwear!

I would appreciate it if you could refer to one that suits you.